The aim of CHAPS Co’s Service User Group is to help CHAPS Co drive positive change and to deliver business benefits to the payment ecosystem. We want to put the user constantly at the heart of our thinking. This is a special interest group for all parties who are not already Direct Participants in the CHAPS scheme.

CHAPS Co is looking for organisations that have ideas and values to help shape the future of the financial payments industry. We believe that your contribution and involvement is key to the strategic development of the CHAPS service and to the wider UK payments ecosystem. Your views and opinions are important to CHAPS Co in delivering beneficial change.


Main Objectives:

  • Explore the customer journey to understand how efficiencies, risk reduction, further transparency and innovative improvements can be achieved;
  • Work together with the Service User Group participants and relevant stakeholders to identify what we have to do to support you in bringing new and compelling products and services;
  • Examine how to reduce operational risk and cyber risk threats; and
  • Explore the impact that the new Payment Systems Regulator will have on stakeholders.

Target Audience:

The participant representatives who will be interested in attending CHAPS Co Service User Group will hold Director, Head or Senior Manager positions, in the following functions:

  • Payment product development or product innovation specialists;
  • Strategy;
  • Client Relationship Management;
  • Treasury executives; and
  • Regulatory consultants.


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