CHAPS Reference Manual

Following the preparation undertaken by the Company and Participants for implementation of the revised CHAPS Reference Manual, version 2 will go live and be fully adopted by all Participants on 13 February 2017. Version 2 will supersede and replace version 1.1d the CRM consultation draft, version 13 of the current CHAPS Rules, version 4.1 of the Tiering Criteria and version 1.2 of the Throughput Criteria. Comments or queries on the CHAPS Reference Manual can be sent to

Memorandum and Articles of Association

The provisions of these Articles constitute the regulations of the Company to the exclusion of all other regulations prescribed under any statute concerning companies which might otherwise apply to

Board Terms of Reference

This document describes the purpose and structure of the CHAPS Board.

Committee Structure

CHAPS has a number of Committees who meet regularly to make key decisions within the company.

CHAPS Annual Report & Financial Statements 31 December 2014

The directors are responsible for the maintenance and integrity of the corporate and financial information included on the company's website.

Previous Board Papers

CHAPS Co discloses its agendas and minutes for all its Board Meetings

Director's Report and Financial Statements December 2015